04 April 2014


First of all, excuse my unpainted toenails (who cares), and yes, I had a haircut too!  You might of seen it on Instagram already, if not take a closer look here.

Anyway, most of you are probably aware of the ugly sandals trend.  They are a must have for this season, not only because they are comfortable, but they are light-weight and airy.  I bought this pair from Primark because they were cheap and look/feel just as amazing compared to other brands that are selling for higher price.  These are available in black and white.  Personally, I love wearing white as the colour looks so fresh in spring/summer, and everybody seems to choose a darker tone over a light tone anyway.  I love when people compliment my white 'ugly sandals' - I think they're absolutely awesome!

Have a wonderful day, 


30 March 2014


Two weeks ago, I attended Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, where I've found so many wonderful items at an affordable price!  I don't often attend vintage fair/market, probably because I would have to travel to another city (as there's hardly any around where I live) to find that most of the stuff are mainly homeware.  But I did my research and had a good feeling that Lou Lou's Vintage Fair wouldn't let me down.  They had a good variety of homeware, but was absolutely loaded with fashion goodies.  I had a splendid afternoon, managed to grab some great bargains and exchanged some lovely conversations with the sellers there!

For those of you who knows me or have been following my blog for some time, you may (or may not) have figured out that I have a healthy obsession towards sunglasses.  Anything to do with awesome shades, I will run quickly towards them to try them on.  If I like them and they're worth buying, then I will buy them.  I was very happy with my purchases, especially the sunglasses for such amazing price - £5 EACH!! The quality is extremely good, and I know that these trendy designs are more expensive on the high-street/online retailers (with low quality too)! 

Hope you enjoy all the beautiful patterns on the rails,
I loved them way too much!


10 March 2014


Leather, bold prints, faux fur - those were the highlight of the event.  Which, combined beautifully with cobalt blue, navy, emerald green and a touch of softness from pastel shades.  It's obvious that I was very impressed by this collection of Rohmir, but I've decided to photograph my most-favourite outfits from the side of the catwalk.  Not forgetting to mention that some of their previous collections are just as beautiful.  Every garments are so wearable, and while I was watching the show, I (literally) imagined myself wearing some of their designs.  I love that the collection has a modern, yet feminine twist to it.  In my opinion, the combinations of sequins and fur is always a winner.  And somehow, all the colours and textures reminded me a lot of the ocean - very rich and vibrant.

This collection is currently on air through fashiontv (from 10-19 March) as well, so I hope all of you fashionistas will get a chance to see all of the stunning pieces coming to live.

Which outfit(s) do you think is the most glamorous? 

Have a wonderful day,


Photo credit: All images belongs to me.

06 March 2014


Friday 14th February.  Lots of rain.  I didn't have an umbrella.

I know I should always be prepared.  But I didn't mind that my hair got wet (actually I did), being present was the priority.  My intention was to hang out at somerset house all day - to shoot as many amazing street outfits as possible.  But it was raining heavily (most of the day), so most people kind of disappeared indoor, and I didn't really want to disrupt the crowd, as they waited endlessly to get inside the show space.  Anyway, I had the most amazing week, I've met and worked with so many people, and may have to say that my second season at LFW has ended with long lasting memories.

Cannot wait for next season.  And definitely cannot wait until summer because it means two things: graduation, and full-time committed to the industry of fashion!

Which outfit are you most inspired by?

Have a wonderful day,


Photo credit: All images belongs to me.

22 February 2014


Hello!  I hope everybody's having a good saturday so far!  It was really sunny earlier… that was really nice - I guess it's okay when a British person say that kind of thing, right?

Anyway, I know London Fashion Week is over, but it doesn't mean that it's over for many fashion lovers out there including myself.  Many of you who are reading this right now probably didn't even know that I was at London Fashion Week again.  It's most likely because I don't make every 'announcements', when I think I should?  I was there to work hard, while having lots of fun really.

Last season, I didn't have any time (or a photographer) to capture my outfits - not that I had lots of time to run around in many fancy outfits either.  Work and being professional comes first!  Although, this season, I hung out (for a whole day) at Somerset House with an absolutely awesome girl, who has kindly took some quick snaps of what I was wearing that day.  The weather was terrible though.  Heavy rain and wind, so shooting outdoor would of been a disaster! 

I was inspired by monochrome, sporty look and a pop of colour that day! 



Have a lovely weekend!