03 July 2014


I know that a lot of people who has been or still waiting to go to a music festival this season.  I've never been to one myself but always wanted to (especially in America), so next year I might give it a go!  The thought of putting up a tent (which I can't do), unpacking snacks and tons of drinks excites me!

When I received this gorgeous Adali floral set from ikrush, I suddenly thought of festivals and boho girls, you know… The ones wearing headbands, dream catcher necklaces, tassels and so on.  An idea popped into my head, so that's why I came up with this look.  Not because I was going to a festival this summer or anything, just because I got inspired!  I received this set a few weeks ago but I've just recovered from being ill so I didn't have a chance to shoot this look until yesterday (thanks to my boyfriend who took these lovely photos for me).  The good thing is that this set is currently on sale (click here), the colour is vibrant, material is soft and stretchy, but I really wish they could come in a size S (the sizing are S/M or M/L only) as the top is too big for me but the skirt fits perfectly!



Have a lovely day,
and let me know if you're planning on going to a festival?


* Thank you to the ikrush team for sending me this lovely set <3

16 June 2014

Life update @ Handmade Burger

I'M BACK!  I'm really excited to be back on the blog, and keeping it updated more regularly.  Also, I have finished university - Fingers crossed I will be a graduate soon once the results are out!  So I'm excited (and a bit nervous at the same time) to start the next chapter of my life!

I'm currently trying to save up for my upcoming trips this summer, so hopefully I will be able to share more outfit posts along with my travels again this year.  I absolutely adore Paris, so without doubt I'll end up there for a visit at some point!  Along with a trip to Thailand - that will definitely happen.  To be honest, there are so many places in the world that I would love to visit.  I know that many people would say the same thing, but for me the main reasons I want to travel is to see/experience the uniqueness of the culture, art and fashion!  These elements has always been huge interests of mine.

Anyway, the weather has been really hot and sunny in the UK, so a few days ago me and my boyfriend went out for a meal at Handmade Burger, and because I was really hungry (and brave) I decided to order a burger.  I haven't had a burger from this restaurant for quite a long time so I actually forgotten how big each portions were.  I went ahead and ordered a 'peppered beef' burger because it sounded amazing and it was new on the menu.  Have you ever felt like you were so important just because you ordered something new off the menu?  That's me!  Always!  I get super excited every time my food arrives on the table!

Peppered Beef - Tasted delicious! The beef patty was marinated so the flavour was really strong but balanced out well with other ingredients! I would recommend this to those who is a fan of peppery flavouring and spice. 
My boyfriend had Macho Barbecue beef cheese & bacon, also new and the biggest burger on the menu.  He said it was really good, so I believed him as he finished the whole thing!
We shared a portion of cajun seasoned chips between us.  That was delicious as well, but we couldn't finish it as our burgers were already so heavy! 

Let me know if you're having a burger today!? ;)

See you on the next post!


20 April 2014


Okay, I hope you're all having a lovely easter weekend, and allowing yourself to eat some (or a lot) of chocolates!  I put this quick and easy outfit together - the colours here are very much inspired by the easter theme; colourful eggs, cute bunny rabbits and all that, and to keep going with the pastel trend.  However, when I first bought this trousers (last summer), the colours were so vibrant… But obviously as I continue to wear and wash it, the colours kind of faded a little.  Surprisingly, it still look and feel amazing on, so I like it a lot.

And yes, my hair is wet for this post.  I thought wet messy hair (along with the shoes) would toughen up this sweet look so it would not look too sweet (or maybe because I couldn't be bothered to dry it).  Also, a big thank you to my sister for taking these photos for me - you did a really good job!  She has just created a new Lookbook as well, make sure you check it out here.



Happy Easter!


04 April 2014


First of all, excuse my unpainted toenails (who cares), and yes, I had a haircut too!  You might of seen it on Instagram already, if not take a closer look here.

Anyway, most of you are probably aware of the ugly sandals trend.  They are a must have for this season, not only because they are comfortable, but they are light-weight and airy.  I bought this pair from Primark because they were cheap and look/feel just as amazing compared to other brands that are selling for higher price.  These are available in black and white.  Personally, I love wearing white as the colour looks so fresh in spring/summer, and everybody seems to choose a darker tone over a light tone anyway.  I love when people compliment my white 'ugly sandals' - I think they're absolutely awesome!

Have a wonderful day, 


30 March 2014


Two weeks ago, I attended Lou Lou's Vintage Fair, where I've found so many wonderful items at an affordable price!  I don't often attend vintage fair/market, probably because I would have to travel to another city (as there's hardly any around where I live) to find that most of the stuff are mainly homeware.  But I did my research and had a good feeling that Lou Lou's Vintage Fair wouldn't let me down.  They had a good variety of homeware, but was absolutely loaded with fashion goodies.  I had a splendid afternoon, managed to grab some great bargains and exchanged some lovely conversations with the sellers there!

For those of you who knows me or have been following my blog for some time, you may (or may not) have figured out that I have a healthy obsession towards sunglasses.  Anything to do with awesome shades, I will run quickly towards them to try them on.  If I like them and they're worth buying, then I will buy them.  I was very happy with my purchases, especially the sunglasses for such amazing price - £5 EACH!! The quality is extremely good, and I know that these trendy designs are more expensive on the high-street/online retailers (with low quality too)! 

Hope you enjoy all the beautiful patterns on the rails,
I loved them way too much!