03 October 2014


Minimalist.  Sophisticated.  Luxury.  Modern.
Those were the four words I'd use to describe this collection.

Ever since I returned home from fashion week, I've been dreaming constantly about Dear Frances spring/summer '15 collection, Girl Of My Dreams.  Each designs are combined with see-through glass and mesh fabric, so in my opinion they are super trendy.  I love these clog shoes, as they bring back so much memories of when I was younger.  When I was a little girl, I often witnessed my mother who worn simple designed shoes such as clogs, masculine-looking sandals and black leather trainers - very similar designs to Dear Frances latest collection as well!  I never understood why she said they were pretty and comfortable.  Until now that I'm a lot older, I realised that sometimes simple things can be the best things in life!  I absolutely adore the use of sharp cuts, bold designs and the simplest tones of colour such as black, white, pastel pink and gold.  They're stylish, modern, but most importantly they're super light-weight!  So, if you prefer to travel by foot, whether it's short or long-distance, or stays on your feet all day (I do most of them daily, sigh) then a pair of light-weight shoes is always handy to have.

It was very lovely to meet Jane Frances (designer), we chatted about the background of this brand, and she was a really friendly (and smiley) person as well, which is always a bonus!  I got so carried away with these gorgeous shoes, it was such a pleasure to have Jane introducing each designs to me in person.  And oh, thank you so much Jane for the lovely catalogue, I've been flicking through them every day!

30 September 2014


This season at London Fashion Week has got to be one of my best seasons yet!  I've been extremely busy running round all over the city and was on my feet most of the time.  On day one, I carried an extra pair of heels in my handbag, and gosh, it was the worst decision ever!  I had so many things with me that day including my organiser, camera (which is massive), make-up bag and even a bottle of water.  The problem wasn't just the weight, but the fact that I didn't even change into my heels when I was out.  I ditched them for flats, which later turned out that my foot was bleeding from them anyway (all the running and rushing around etc.) - I just couldn't win!

Overall, I've met so many lovely people though including the gorgeous Charlotte Fisher, who is one of my all-time favourites - I call her 'the queen of pastel!' <3 It has been another inspirational season and I'm always very grateful for being able to experience that! 

Stay tuned for part two!

29 August 2014



I admit that I am a modern sort of person, and I love that!  I enjoy the 'slide to unlock' and being able to keep my friends and family updated about where I am and teasing them with food pics through one device.  Fashion, art and music are three of the most influential elements of my life.  I would always have my music on loud when I get ready, and usually wear what I feel depending on my mood that day.  Obviously, I don't need to dye my hair a crazy colour on 'I'm feeling rather colourful' sort of day - I'm not that extreme!  I do like to look presentable with a modern twist though.  So I don't really have a strict style to how I dress, I like to surprise people with my outfits.

I do find that trousers are super comfortable and practical.  I can do whatever without having to worry about my butt being shown in the heavy wind, so I've said many farewells to my short flowy pretty-looking skirts since the end of last summer.  Anyway, you wouldn't believe how long I've been searching for a nice leather trousers.  I was searching for way too long that I eventually given up.  But thanks to Paris, I've finally got one!  It's one of the most comfortable leather trousers I've ever tried on, the leather is super soft and the length fits me perfectly!  

Holla to all the petite ladies, I've found a leather trousers that has been made especially for us!  
We're not left out anymore!



Photography by Maya Maria

19 August 2014


It's a fact that the French are the king and queen of minimalism. 

From their hair all the way down to their toes, you'd often find that they are very well-groomed and look effortlessly polished.  They are often spotted with sharp tailored clothing with minimal wear of jewellery.  But don't expect to see lots of crazy pastel hair either, they're not so popular there.  I always feel that they don't follow the trends, but they set them.  I noticed that a lot of people (including fashion bloggers) are becoming more interested in the minimalist style recently.  I have days like that too, when I want to look laid back or too busy (or lazy) to decide which necklaces I should layer up that day.  But I do have a great love for prints and colours, so when I can't make a decision on which look to go for I just mix a hint of everything together!  



Photos by the beautiful, Mandy

07 August 2014


Last week, I reunited with a lovely friend who flew all the way to Europe from Australia.  We don't get to see each other very often, so we took great advantage of this opportunity and jumped on the Eurostar to Paris for a few days.  The last time I visited Paris was two years ago, which I never had the chance to live and see the city like the locals either, as I'd usually stay at hotels and dine at restaurants when I'm on holiday.  This trip was different.  But it was an successful one.

Me and my friend decided to rent a gorgeous apartment in the heart of Paris (when I say gorgeous, I mean it) where most of the furnitures were DIY and hand-painted.  I love that each pieces were individual as they were supposed to look unfinished - The lovely owner did an amazing job, it was such an artistic place I've ever stayed at!  Anyway, we avoided main attractions as we didn't want to blend in with the other tourists, hung out at local places and travelled through the Parisian streets by foot.  I absolutely adore the French's architects; gold details with romantic patterns sculpt into the stones… They were so heavenly!  I felt super inspired throughout my trip, and often took photographs of what I lived through at that moment.  Although, taking photos of food just because 'they look delicious' is acceptable too - I do that quite regularly!  The French are experts at making pastries and cakes, so every time I walked passed a patisserie, it's a must to stop and fantasied about eating what were shown on the counter!

My every-day fragrances: Chanel Chance // Gucci Guilty

To be continued…