Fashion Styling in London and Milan

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I'm in the process of sorting out a summer course,
'Fashion Styling and Image Creation' at Central Saint Martins, London.
This is a dual course, where going to NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano)
in Milan sounds too amazing to be ignored.
I've always been interested in Fashion.  But it wasn't until last year, when I was about to finish my first year at university that I was so passionate about it.  My tutors often told me that I might be on the wrong course, as my previous project, and most of my knowledge seemed to be stronger on Fashion.  That comment kind of makes me feel unsteady about Fine Art.  Although, I told myself I'd give it another try, as I continue the whole of my second year.  It was good.
But my heart is still set directly on Fashion.
There are many designers, stylists etc., with an art background.  Most of them have an interest in 'Art' anyway.  This is why I didn't need to drop out from Fine Art, as I believe that Fashion and Art were from the same family.  It's always good to stay creative, as we really do need something new in the fashion world.  It gets a bit boring when I want to go shopping, and often see the same (or very similar) styles in fashion stores.  It's frustrating, as I don't really want to look like someone else from head to toe.  This is where the 'bigger brands' spring into my mind, but the price tags can be pretty harsh.  You can definitely use the term, I've just broke my bank account after purchasing a scarf from Louis Vuitton.
Anyway, I'm hoping to gain more experience from this summer course.
I trust St. Martins to deliver a good quality, and professional taste of what I always wanted to do!
Even though, it's only a short amount of time, but at least I'm trying things, and moving forward!
Let me know if you've been involved with something like this, or thinking of doing something similar?
Have a fabulous day, <3

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