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Friday 14th February.  Lots of rain.  I didn't have an umbrella.
I know I should always be prepared.  But I didn't mind that my hair got wet (actually I did), being present was the priority.  My intention was to hang out at somerset house all day - to shoot as many amazing street outfits as possible.  But it was raining heavily (most of the day), so most people kind of disappeared indoor, and I didn't really want to disrupt the crowd, as they waited endlessly to get inside the show space.  Anyway, I had the most amazing week, I've met and worked with so many people, and may have to say that my second season at LFW has ended with long lasting memories.
Cannot wait for next season.  And definitely cannot wait until summer because it means two things: graduation, and full-time committed to the industry of fashion!
Which outfit are you most inspired by?
Have a wonderful day,
All images belongs to me.

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  1. all the styles are very unique and outstanding! Would love to attend next time but not working as pr again lol xx

  2. Love your blog & all the photos in this post. It's so interesting to see the different styles of people in different countries. I love looking at photos from across the globe.
    Thanks for sharing!

    The Fashann Monster

  3. So rad! I wish Australian fashion weeks were as cool as the LFW is. SO jealous, I hope you had a rad time xxx

  4. Love the fashion great job.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Love the peace-sign guy, he's so colorfull! :)

  6. Great photos! Looks like it was awesome <3

    x Jacquelyn

  7. Wow you are so lucky to be in London during fashion week! That is so exciting to see all of the street style going on there!
    I would love it if you stop by my fashion blog!

    -Chloé Akari

  8. hmmmm.... interesting! although I wouldnt... :D

  9. Beautiful and inspiring pictures. ;) Kisses

  10. Amazing photos! I can't get over that asian lady with the white hair. She looks amazing. Love her style. Visit me sometime :)


  11. I really like the first outfit, I'm always a fan of clashing print! You did a great job, the styles you captures are awesome!

    Love x

    Have a look at my giveaway:

  12. Great photos Boonya. I'm going to London this September. I need the expert like you to guide me!!

  13. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great time (minus the weather)!


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