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Last week, I reunited with a lovely friend who flew all the way to Europe from Australia.  We don't get to see each other very often, so we took great advantage of this opportunity and jumped on the Eurostar to Paris for a few days.  The last time I visited Paris was two years ago, which I never had the chance to live and see the city like the locals either, as I'd usually stay at hotels and dine at restaurants when I'm on holiday.  This trip was different.  But it was an successful one.
Me and my friend decided to rent a gorgeous apartment in the heart of Paris (when I say gorgeous, I mean it) where most of the furnitures were DIY and hand-painted.  I love that each pieces were individual as they were supposed to look unfinished - The lovely owner did an amazing job, it was such an artistic place I've ever stayed at!  Anyway, we avoided main attractions as we didn't want to blend in with the other tourists, hung out at local places and travelled through the Parisian streets by foot.  I absolutely adore the French's architects; gold details with romantic patterns sculpt into the stones… They were so heavenly!  I felt super inspired throughout my trip, and often took photographs of what I lived through at that moment.  Although, taking photos of food just because 'they look delicious' is acceptable too - I do that quite regularly!  The French are experts at making pastries and cakes, so every time I walked passed a patisserie, it's a must to stop and fantasied about eating what were shown on the counter!
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  1. This apartment looks awesome! Really inspiring! Paris is really a beautiful city! <3

  2. Thats so nice! I love Paris, i'm glad you had fun xxxx

  3. I wish I visit France someday, and of course with huge baggage. The place is beautiful, and so romantic. Looking forward for your upcoming post Boonya :)xo


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