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This season at London Fashion Week has got to be one of my best seasons yet!  I've been extremely busy running round all over the city and was on my feet most of the time.  On day one, I carried an extra pair of heels in my handbag, and gosh, it was the worst decision ever!  I had so many things with me that day including my organiser, camera (which is massive), make-up bag and even a bottle of water.  The problem wasn't just the weight, but the fact that I didn't even change into my heels when I was out.  I ditched them for flats, which later turned out that my foot was bleeding from them anyway (all the running and rushing around etc.) - I just couldn't win!
I've met so many lovely people including the queen of pastel, Charlotte Fisher <3 It has been another inspirational season and I'm always very grateful for being able to experience that! 

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