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Minimalist.  Sophisticated.  Luxury.  Modern.
These are the four words I'd use to describe this collection.
Ever since I returned home from fashion week, I've been dreaming constantly about Dear Frances spring/summer '15 collection, Girl Of My Dreams.  Each designs are combined with see-through glass and mesh fabric, so in my opinion they are super trendy.  I love these clog shoes, as they bring back so much memories of when I was younger.  When I was a little girl, I often witnessed my mother who worn simple designed shoes such as clogs, masculine-looking sandals and black leather trainers - very similar designs to Dear Frances latest collection as well!  I never understood why she said they were pretty and comfortable.  Until now that I'm a lot older, I realised that sometimes simple things can be the best things in life!  I absolutely adore the use of sharp cuts, bold designs and the simplest tones of colour such as black, white, pastel pink and gold.  They're stylish, modern, but most importantly they're super light-weight!  So, if you prefer to travel by foot, whether it's short or long-distance, or stays on your feet all day (I do most of them daily, sigh) then a pair of light-weight shoes is always handy to have.
It was very lovely to meet Jane Frances (designer), we chatted about the background of this brand, and she was a really friendly (and smiley) person as well, which is always a bonus!  I got so carried away with these gorgeous shoes, it was such a pleasure to have Jane introducing each designs to me in person.  And oh, thank you so much Jane for the lovely catalogue, I've been flicking through them every day!

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  1. U took some great shots here sweetie! I hope to see more updates from ure blog :) ure so creative in love with ure styles

  2. Beautiful, love the collection!


  4. It would be great to go there once! xxx

  5. I just love them- mini pieces of art!:)
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know!
    PS I would appreciate it if you check out/CLIck sheinside link in my latest post:)
    Thank you <3

  6. Great collection of shoes!
    Just followed you, hope you'll check out my blog


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